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Financial Planning

Financial PlanningMost people view Financial Planning as all about developing a strategy to building financial security and achieving your lifestyle goals, both now and into the future.  Whilst this is important, most people forget that Financial Planning is also all about critically protecting both you and your family.

In summary, Financial Planning is all about making the right decisions – whether you are starting out in your career, or hurtling towards retirement.

At Brubacher, we provide you with access to a team of specialist professionals who are committed to helping you meet your goals. Our common sense approach supports you, providing you with confidence and security.  Each Financial Planning component we undertake with you is important in its own right and making positive changes in any one area will provide substantial benefit. But the real benefits come when two or more of these components are implemented.

Our financial advisers will help you define your lifestyle and financial goals, understand your priorities, and work with you to achieve them, including helping you:

  • Develop a financial strategy;
  • Plan your investments;
  • Construct a portfolio;
  • Plan your retirement;
  • Plan your superannuation and income streams;
  • Arrange risk and personal insurance;
  • Plan your estate; and
  • Manage your debt.

We consider being your accountant gives us an exceptionally privileged view of your business & personal financial affairs. This provides us with the ability to be extremely proactive for you. Our experience enables us to provide a highly personalised service, tailoring solutions to your specific needs and objectives.  This means we are there when you most need our guidance and support.

No jargon or acronyms, just plain old English. They used simple language throughout the whole process and made it a stress-free experience for us.  Now, we are just focussed on achieving the exciting goals we set for ourselves. – G.O.

Call us on 03 9329 5333, email us, or click here for an initial no obligation discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

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